About us

WAS. is a space where visitors can dive into themselves, rinse off their stress and drift without resistance

About WAS.

WAS. is a place where new sounds are being explored and well-known sounds are embraced. It’s a place where people who love music can come together so immerse yourself in the artists and the music that will be played.

Our club is a place of memorable moments and unity. A place like this can’t exist without tolerance and a flexible attitude. Therefore it’s important that we respect our fellow visitors despite of their origin, gender, age or sexual orientation. Also we would like to state out that WAS. doesn’t accept any form of aggression or sexual harassment.

And last but not least there is one more thing to add: enjoy the night and dance! Break the daily grind and leave your phone at home to lose yourself in WAS. entirely.

House rules WAS030

  • In order for the rite of passage, visitors must be at least 21 years old. Valid identification is required for absolution;
  • Please take into account that it is only possible to pay by card in WAS.
  • Cash payments can not be accepted;
  • Music is our current, we expect our visitors to value this movement. It is appreciated if you are well informed about the programming or have a genuine interest in being submerged in this aspect;
  • Wash yourself of your digital ‘social’ responsibility, and allow yourself to be cleansed by floating consciously with other souls. Keep your phone in your pocket, bathe in the night, the music and each other!
  • WAS. is a space where visitors can dive into themselves, rinse off their stress and drift without resistance. To enable this we expect a fluid attitude towards all attendees. If visitors do not abide by this we have the right to refuse entry to those who are aggressive, don’t follow house rules or discriminate on any rational. Racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia or transphobia are absolutely not tolerated and neither is sexual harassment and/or violence. If you experience any discomfort you can report this to our present staff at all times so they can help you;
  • WAS. does not impose a dress code. Please freshen up to your own depths, but uniforms, football shirts, dress shirts and formal outfits can dilute the chance of entry;
  • To ensure an intimate immersion we ask visitors to not come in large groups;
  • Visitors who are clearly soaked, sponged or sprinkled in alcohol and/or drugs can be denied of entry;
  • WAS. does not drench responsibility for the theft or loss of properties;
  • As you surface from the club, please leave the surroundings as clean and peaceful as you approached it;